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Our STW Pillars

Our pillars are the themes and areas that we choose to focus on at Start the Wave. They are our foundation, and what holds us up.
Seven rocks are balanced on top of each other behind the backdrop of the sea.
Seven rocks are balanced on top of each other behind the backdrop of the sea.

You will see that some of our Pillar’s have evolved slightly over the New Year... 



A remembering and returning to Love.


This pillar is our foundation — The root of all wave-making.

The selfless act of using one's time to make impactful change is, within itself, a loving act of kindness. 


It is leading with compassion and choosing to do the internal work so that we can always find our way back to love. It is filling up our own cup, so that we have enough overflow to share with others. 


How can we make generosity and connection as present as the air we breathe?


#STWLove #STWKindness




Creativity brings us together, and together we heal.


The world is calling out for deep collective healing and there is no more powerful force than Creativity to assist us in this journey.


It has the ability to reach the depths of our expression, guide us to our truest selves, and encourage us to use our imagination to create new ways outside of what currently is. 


Creativity creates language beyond word; breaking down barriers and building bridges between our similarities and differences.

It is powerful, courageous, and vunerable, and through that vunerablity we are able to share and relate to each other's emotions and experiences.


The exchange of creative energy causes shifts in our being and becoming. 


What is your relationship with creativity? How has creativity supported your growth? 

And what part of your creative expression is calling to be explored?


#STWCreativity #STWHealing




Unlearn, relearn and rebuild.


In today’s world, if we aren’t actively doing the internal and external work to decolonize and dismantle the unjust systems of inequality that exist here on earth, we are contributing to the upholding of this ongoing oppression. 


White supremacy, amongst other systems of injustice, is the reality we have been born into and it is time we unlearn, relearn and rebuild a world that is safe and equitable for all. 


How can we bring our whole selves — with all the intersections of our identities and experiences to the work of collective liberation?


#STWEquality #STWAntiOpression #STWJustice




Through reciprocity we can know the source of abundance that is possible for all.


We are gloriously, inescapably earthbound and yet we disregard our home at our own peril.  

Our world is calling out, louder than ever, to wake up, listen deeply, and come into the right relationship with our land to save what we have left and plant the seeds for a thriving future.


The truth is that climate action and sustainable stewardship of our natural resources are essential for our survival here on Earth. 

We can no longer turn our heads and ignore what we don’t want to see. It’s time to change.


How will we honour and care for our Mother? 






Take a breath, sinking into all that is, this great shared mystery we call Life.


Our interconnectedness, however you personally conceptualize it, has the potential of being our greatest ally, and it is crucial that we use it mindfully. 


Not to bypass the anti-racism and anti-oppression work that needs to be done to operate from this truth, but to use the power of spiritual work and focussed intention to move mountains and create lasting change.


We are, at our core - ONE. 


When we work from within, connecting with our inner knowing, we become our own medicine. 

When we evolve our individual well-being, we nurture the health of the whole.


We are mirrors to the world we are creating. 


How can we use the creative power of our consciousness to generate wise action and restore faith for our future?


#STWUnity #STWOneness #STWMeditation #STWSpirituality




What you allow is what will continue.


After some reflection we have decided to shift from “Veganism and Animal Rights” to “Conscious Consuming” to be more inclusive of variations in philosophy and diet.


We still believe that if we want to create a thriving world we need to shift our consumption of meat and dairy, finding plant-based alternatives wherever possible; however we also realize that each individual’s body and journey is unique. 


Our hope is that by becoming conscious of our consumption, starting with the fuel that we put in our bodies, we will make wiser choices and support those that are committed to sustainable and ethical practices. 


What would our world look like if we looked to our teachers among other species, learned to listen to the wisdom and medicine of plants and restored true empathy and compassion for all beings that call this planet home?




Embrace Authenticity.


The boxes and labels that society has enforced upon us are limiting, confining and detrimental to our evolution. We need all of our colours present and healthy to birth new radical and inspired ways.


We appreciate that the journey to PRIDE in a world that condemns LGBTQ2IA+ individuals can be long and arduous. We understand the importance of creating safe, brave and authentic spaces to support one another, as chosen family does.


PRIDE is sitting in the beauty of your being and celebrating your queerness.

It is knowing that gender, sexuality and identity are not fixed but fluid, and it is embracing the daily discovery into the truth of your heart, body and soul.


What would it take to rewire our fear of “otherness” and weave it into a connected web of allyship? 

How can we celebrate all communities, with our rich and diverse lived experiences, to learn from one another and evolve?



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