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Community Map

This is your Community Map where you will find an overview of the site, how it works, and what to expect. 

Start the Wave is a multicultural and multilingual community with members from all over the world.

We currently have español and português integrated into the site. You are able to switch to another language by simply clicking on a globe on the top bar of the HOME page in the upper right corner.

Our intention is to add other languages as members with new language needs join us.

When communicating, please feel free to use the language that feels most comfortable for you. If you experience any barriers or have any questions or suggestions regarding Language Justice within the space, you can reach out to Lina, our Language Justice volunteer via the Contact form found on our website footer. 

Alright! Let’s roll out our maps and start adventuring…


“It is in col­lec­tiv­i­ties that we find reser­voirs of hope and optimism.” ― Angela Y. Davis 

The place where everything starts: Our common room. 

Where the fire is always burning and the kettle is ready to boil.

Welcome home! Settle in, post what’s on your heart, view new Wavemakers, and see snapshots of the latest action.

Access your profile, messages, connections, and stay up to date with what the community is up to. 


“All water has a perfect memory, and is forever trying to get back to where it was.” – Toni Morrison


Discover who makes up this inspiring community, and connect! 

You can search wavemakers by name, location, projects, passions, and more.

Click on their picture to take you to their full profile where you can learn more about their stories and the waves they are involved in.


View STW funded projects and other wave-making initiatives!

Find out about ways you can support our community action and stay up to date with the exciting work of fellow wavemakers.

Click on their projects to learn about their mission, their incentive, and how to get in touch!


This is our Community Calendar where you can add wave-making events from all around the world!

Share what you have coming up, so that our community can support you.

From fundraisers to zoom circles, in person live performances to weekend summits…

Support, attend, gather and spread the word!


“The land knows you, even when you are lost.” ― Robin Wall Kim­mer­er


Our circles are community-led groups based on common passions or causes.

A space to gather folx, explore ideas, organise events and deepen together.

Imagine yourself sitting in a circle, where every voice is equal and heard.

Some things to note: 

  • Any community member can request to create a new circle.
  • We encourage each project to have a circle.
  • Each circle has the option of being open (where anyone can join) or closed (invite only).
  • If you feel called to become a Circle Keeper of any of the current circles, you can request to be considered and the current Circle Keeper will determine if it feels aligned for the energy and growth of the group.
  • To start, feel free to join any of our Pillar Circles that you are inspired by!


Do you have a book, podcast, film or app recommendation?

Share resources that have helped you on your journey and create a Community Library of helpful tools for growth and expansion.


This is our Community Bulletin Board!

Are you searching for someone with a specific skill set to grow a project?

This could be within a STW funded project, opportunities outside of our circles, and beyond... The possibilities are endless! 

Share volunteer or paid opportunities with the community and attract the perfect souls to collaborate with!


“All things share the same breath–the beast, the tree, the man, the air shares its spirit with all the life it supports.”

- Chief Seattle, Suquamish Chief.


This is an area for Start the Wave to share announcements with the community.

This will include funding rounds, panels, and any other STW related information.


For some, the media can be an overwhelming place.

Here we can circulate articles that feel nourishing and important for our collective growth.

If you come across some news that inspires you, go ahead and upload the article via the News form

to spread awareness within the community!

Q4R: (Questions For Reflection)

There is such power in asking questions that encourage us to reflect.

By doing so we can deepen our understanding and evolve our perspectives.

Use this space to share what’s on your mind, ask questions and enter into dialogue with other Community Members.


“Decide first what is authentic, then go after it with all of your heart.” – Louise Erdrich, Chippewa novelist.


May our funds keep growing so we can continue redistributing money to sustain your STW funded projects,

and welcome others into our community.

If you know of anyone who might be able to support us financially, please pass on the link to this page and let’s keep our fire burning!

Every donation is embraced with gratitude.


Here you will find our community commitments and guidance for online interaction.

Please take the time to visit this page every so often to recenter yourself with our collective intentions.


An overview of the site, how it works, and what to expect. 

Thank you for taking the time to read the map. We hope it helps you get acquainted.

If you have any questions, Taylor Moore, our awesome Community Connector, will be happy to assist. 

You can contact her via the Contact form found on our website footer. 

Happy exploring!

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